On conversationalists…

3rd time today I will post on this brand new blog for my love… Takde orang lain nak baca pun… 😛 (maybe the exception of Boo)

The theme I picked is rather dark, I know… but at the moment it pretty much reflects on the state of my mind. When things get better, which I hope and pray it will, I’ll change the theme to something lighter. I’m not that much of a queen anyways, more like a spoilt heap of dung.

I miss you, my love… It’s difficult to spend my days without having you to talk to… not even Boo or minimally Stella or Chaplin. My words are guarded and my stance is reserved, it gets tiring after a while to keep up this damned façade. Its not easy to be friendly, but remain aloof from the packs of wolves circling, looking for fresh meat. Nevermind I’m the bosses’ daughter, he might not notice it, right? Or so they think… I guess one day I’ll just have to tell them off in the face, but that would mean I might just misread their ‘good’ intentions… so the debate never ends… it just keeps coming back to bite me…

Missing you sayang, and our uncomplicated, honest relationship – Jasmine


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