On smelly people…

What is it with me, and smells? I simply go kaboinkers when I smell stinky people. It just grates on my nerves, like nails on blackboards… its worse when its continuous… how do I escape this oppressive blanket that smothers my air?

I feel my patience evaporating with every passing minute, until all that’s left is a blinding headache and tunnel vision. Its worse when the offender is a known person, and they just resolutely refuse to accept that they smell. There, I said it, you smell… don’t you want to do something about it? Or it doesn’t bother you people think that you smell like death, and the latrine smells of countryside is a better option?

Sigh, tomorrow is another day in hell of smell with this idiot… sometimes I wonder if personal hygiene shouldn’t be a topic in school?

Sorry if I offended you baby, but you positively smell like a garden of roses compared to this donkey I’m raving about – Much love and hugs, Jasmine.

ps – does my callsign tell you something about the fact that I’m obsessed about smells? Boo might understand, we’re equally obsessed about smelling ‘nice’…


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