On smiling, and pretending to freeze…

Today we had the most tiresome of all things, a photoshoot… People never look their best, neither do they act like they usually do in life. The sourest plum on the tree looks like the best polished honey mandarin on such a day. And then there are some who do their damned best to look ‘natural’ under three inches of powder and potions… So who’s to tell what we really look like, underneath all the china porcelain we put on for the world?

My dearest, today I’ve decided to send photos of myself, especially those that I have taken fairly recently… in the spirit of photoshoots… the beautiful sunset was caught on the way out to dinner (wish you were here, and I particularly like “Toko Seth”), and the other smarmy pictures that came about from the abovesaid photoshoot.

Torajan architectureThe Tana Toraja pictures I’ve included so that you have an idea of what an experience it was, although however ‘touristy’ or tasteless. One must keep momentos of such experiences, so we can one day torture unwitting guests to our home with holiday pictures. Its also a good way to get rid of unwanted company eh?

Beautiful Torajan architecture Tautau effigies, the scariest of the lot Ciggies can really kill, I tell ya...

Fallen casket numero deux... One of the fallen caskets Toko Seth

Sunset at the boulevard Ladies of PAT Artifak Purba

As usual, I’m missing you tonight – With warm thoughts, Jasmine

At the fort

ps – tomorrow no prose, as I cross the oceans again… I will write of my experience on the boat, if only to save others from an equally sticky end…


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