On traveling to places far and away…

I’m now in Makassar, of the famed spice isles of Indonesia. Ironically, there isn’t much aromatic spices, just many stinky people going about their daily lives in a haze of kretek smoke. Some might say that being here is an experience in itself, but its hard to look at it from an enlightened perspective when one is worked to death and is sleep deprived.

What about the people you say? The beautiful countryside? The novel experiences? Call me uninteresting, but the same crowded villages appear out of the dust like a déjà vu parody. A world of kretek and dangdut, where being homogenous is the flavor of the day, where the spirit of globalization ensure that every home in the boondocks is bombarded by Britney in her skimpy outfits, brought to you courtesy of Dji Sam Soe.

Most days the traveling is bone-jarring, thankless and boring. Adventure my foot. I prefer being home, in the creature comforts of air conditioning, cable tv and my comfortable house shoes. Mornings are inhumanely early, and the day ends well into the night, when just dragging your ass out of the car is an effort. Then there’s the hordes of people to take care of… some don’t even need to carry their own luggage, they just saunter into the belly of the hotel.

And us mere mortals? We have to drag ourselves, work for the masses, and then drag our endless bags and computers and printers up, work some more, and finally fall into fitful sleep, only to be awakened rudely at 4 am by some punk yapping on the walkie-talkie. What do I care you got a chick, who probably by the light of day looks like “mama bosan” to keep you company tonight? Must you share your ineptitude with the rest of us?

Sigh… it’s the same every day. It doesn’t matter which hick town we hit… it’s the same shite. The same fellas will go out and look for ‘mama bosans’, while the rest try to look cool in four-day old smelly clothes. The same people will try to catch a decent night’s rest, and fail, yet again. I’ve lost track of the days, the dates and the places. It looks the same anywho… Dusty, stinky, full of people and traffic and conmen, and tomorrow we will do this again…

So baby, got a good idea of my day yet? Much love, Jasmine.


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