On idiots on the expedition…

At this morning’s briefing, we were told of a near fatal accident, happening at the front of the convoy, brought about by the ‘thoughtlessness’ of some people who were hogging the radio channels.

To this, our esteemed ‘tin kosong’ or better known as Bear, said that it was because of me, reading messages from home. What the fish??

In actual fact, it was his idiotic-ness that was yapping on and on about ‘keladi’ on the roadside… no idea if the keladi are the plant variety or the ones wearing shoes, if you catch my drift.

Its bad enough most days he goes on and on, with no pause, and acting like he knows just about goddamned everything on the radio… He’s just so damn irritating. The minute he goes on air, I turn down the volume on the radio.

Why can’t this bloody idiot shut up?? And just two minutes ago, he asked Adik to wash his smelly pants. I told Adik, kasi je balik… nanti dia naik minyak!

In fact, at this very moment, he’s next door, spewing ‘wisdom’… does he really think he’s all that? Poobah! Pegi mampus! Hope he gets eaten by the komodo dragons day after tomorrow…


Thinking of you, and how our friends are much, much, much less idiotic – Jasmine.


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