On making new friends, and re-evaluating your old friends…

Its not the 33rd hour on the ferry, and true to my wish, it has been blessedly uneventful. El Cabo del Flores, or the Bay of Flowers is within sight, and we should be making landfall in an hour or two.


I’ve been blissfully asleep, buoyed by chemically induced dreams, courtesy of my new good friend, Dr. Avtar. For most of the journey anyways, the rest of the time I was busy foraging for food, or watching CSI on the laptop.


That brings me to the topic at hand, friends… I’ve been taken in by Dr. Avtar and Stiven’s group, who I think feel some pity for me when I’m out foraging, sort of like a hunter-gatherer, picking up food here and there. One can only eat sardines, maggi mee and corned beef so many times, no?


They’ve kindly invited me to lunch with them today, on the condition that I make an omelette for them. That’s hardly difficult, isn’t it? As I watch the sun set beautifully beyond the horizon, I realized that to survive on this expedition, I cannot be moaning and whining, and hoping that the expedition accepts me. Instead I must be proactive, and learn to make new friends.


Throw away the old ones, as they’re the ones who sucker on to people who can give them something, and most likely not my goodself, because I ain’t got nothing to give, right?


Today, my love, I’ve posted some pictures of the beautiful sunset on the Bay of Flowers, to reflect on the peace of mind that I’ve found in my stuporic haze… I can only hope that this state of mind is not a temporary one, as I have many more nights and days with these people, and I must survive!


More observations tomorrow, for now I’ll be blissfully high on my new state of mind…


Wishing that you’re here with me, if only to hug me to sleep – Jasmine.


sunset at labuhanbajo




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