On stinky people, and what we take for granted…



also cliffs of ende Hello my love,


I hope you’re missing me as much as I’m missing you.


We’ve stopped for lunch at a beautiful black sand beach, near a small village called Aimere. The bay is spread out before me, and the surf breaks not three meters from my toes. Its ironic that there is nothing more in the world that I want right now than to be at home with you, curled up with the cats.


The people here have nothing but Mother Nature’s beauty to compensate for their dreary lives. A tsunami hit here recently, but was not too big on the news since the only people that died were the local aborigines. It must be tough to live in a world that has passed you by…


Its easy to believe that we have lousy lives, with ours televisions and electricity, delivered pizzas and LRTs… but suddenly I realize that we should be ever so thankful for the lives that we live, no matter how jaded we become…


Enough deep thoughts for today, and now back to the first topic… stinky people. I finally got rid of THAT smelly guy in my car. Apparently he complained to the ‘management’ that I was treating him unfairly i.e. I don’t let him drive.


I then calmly explained that he had contributed nothing to the car – no food, no cleaning time, nothing! Other than just sitting there and stinking up the car, and making a mess he did not do much… the other thing being he’s trying to do is murder my car, and biggest concern of all is that he smells. I suggested that they try having him in their car for a few days…


To that, the answer was, “no way!”. So how? They’ve kindly moved him to another car for the day, and the new replacement was left wondering what the rancid smell was in the back seat. He saw the meaning of the exchange once we explained that it was the ‘residue’ of our dear old stinker…


Stingray today bought a ginormous lobster, about 3 or 4 kilos worth of expensive seafood. He then had a change of heart, preferring instead to release the poor fella into the sea once we arrived at Aimere… I had the honor of diving into the sea to let the old fella off… He definitely was a beauty… and I think honestly he belongs in the sea, better than in our stomachs…

dear old lobsta'


We’ll move out of Aimere in about twenty minutes, for more winding roads up into the mountains, where we’ll stay for the night in Ruteng. Tomorrow we make our way to Labuhanbajo, the gateway to Komodo… till then, I’ll be missing your company and clean beds…



Wishing you were here, and much love from shore of the Indian Ocean – Jasmine.



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