On trying to find the balance between work and play…

Thinking of you, sayang and wishing you were here with me…


This morning the drive down from Ruteng was uneventful, and pretty short… lots and lots of tight turns, hairpin bends and switchbacks… in all, a nice drive in my opinion… just driving the wrong car 😛


Arrived in Labuhanbajo about noon, to find that the town is not much more than Besut… actually I think it’s smaller… just one street with some small shops… this is the jump-off point for Komodo Island, and is peppered with some backpackers… just like Besutlah…


The beach in front of the hotel is crystal clear… not much corals, but beautiful in a stark and minimal sort of way… there’s pebbles, and swimming fish… I’m going to go snorkel for a bit after doing the uploading after this… hotel isn’t much either, sort of a rumah tumpangan by the beach… wishing you were here to walk down the beach with me… just the sort of place to rest and relax, and catch a breeze…

black sand beach at maumere 2 bira self potrait

Tomorrow, I’ll be diving at one of the world’s best sites, called Batu Bolong. They’re famous for the manta rays, big sharks and other pelagics drifting by as we do a wall dive…


And then my father and Azman comes along, and says that me and Sabrina haven’t been doing work… slacking off…


I just got here, in fact just about an hour… still waiting for pictures from the photographer… struggling with my bags and there’s only 15 rooms so I’m having to juggle all 60 people….



No one ever appreciates what I do… they just complain… the walls are paper thin, right now I can hear the room next door cussing and cursing like drunken sailors… I’m guessing I won’t get a good night’s rest… I was hoping some R&R was in order, especially since this place barely has an internet connection… I guess not lah… I’m really thinking of finding my way home from here, if only to get away from all this idiots that surround me…


I miss you baby, lots and lots… it’s a pity the places I go to are amazing, but the company around me leaves a lot to be desired… what I would give to be home with you, safe and sound, sane and boring… so that I don’t have to suffer more idiots…


Missing you so so very much, and wishing more than ever that you’re here – Jasmine



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