On early mornings…

Today finally in Senggigi. We’re in a good hotel, the kinds with towels and a tv with HBO showing. The kind with a swimming pool and hot showers and room service. You see, before this we haven’t been staying in much more than overglorified ‘rumah tumpangan Ah Fook’.

So it was perfectly normal for me to be excited about soaking in the tub, and sleeping in. It is after all, a rest day. Thoughts in my head include, I’ll sleep in, wake up and soak in the outdoor bathtub, and then maybe splurge on some room service… go shopping, get a foot spa…

Wrong!! After about a month of insanely early mornings, my internal clocks just refuse to let me sleep beyond 7 am. I’m up, sprightly and bright, at 7. With not much else to do, I get dressed and go to the clubhouse…

I guess I’ll go to breakfast then. I’m the only one here, as I write my blog for today. Maybe later, just maybe, I’ll go shopping. I’m thinking of the space I lack in the car. I’ll go swimming for a bit I guess… and soak in that tub of mine 😛

I always thought I had cow sense, but not so much it gets in the way of enjoying my life. Coming on this trip has given me something I don’t really need, more cow sense. I definitely don’t need an internal clock waking me up at 7 am on weekends! What am I to do on those lazy Sundays?? I’ve always counted on my ability to sleep in till 2 pm on days like such…

By the way, it is a Sunday…

Thinking of you sayang, and our late Sunday brunches – Jasmine.
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