On being stupid…

Today, as we left Bali, one of the female handlers quite literally threw a fit. Before you say, anything baby, she claims to be in the center of a so-called “love dispute”. The story goes like this, Girl meets Boy, Boy meets Girl, sparks fly, and the rest they say, is history…

The thing is, the stupid girl is one of our handlers. She might not do much, and she’s not a pretty sight to look at, but she still is one of the ‘management’ people… The boy is one of our ‘management’ fellas… who’s married, with a baby, and to make things worse, quite jobless.

He was told , over and over again, by many many many people, on keeping professional distance. He was also told, in no uncertain terms, that she was off-limits. Simply because that the expedition is under scrutiny, and many people are simply looking for the chance to show that the team is useless.

She also was told, over and over again, that he’s off-limits. Simply because he’s married, and everyone knows the idiotic wife. In fact, the wife sends him messages, which are read out every morning! So how can she not know he’s ‘taken’?

He was sent back from Bali, she decides to “belah” from a small coastal village on the other side of Bali. So how now? Will they continue the sordid affair? Don’t think he can pay for her ticket to come to Malaysia…

Food for thought… married men are more juicy because one can’t have em? No worries about me, sayang… all I want is you… no useless, spineless married man for me…

Thinking of you baby, and how stupid we must have looked when we started going out – Jasmine…

ps – Sorry, no pictures… slept in the car today 😛


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