On shopping…

It’s a break day in Bali today! (I’ll let your mind rant for a bit on all the things I could be doing, one fine day in Bali… )

The thing is, there’s just simply too many things to do on Bali, especially in one day. It’s just not possible! So I took the easy way out and chose to shop.

Even shopping poses a problem. So much shopping, so little time! There’s art markets and handpainted T-shirts, statues and paintings and carvings, slippers and shoes and sandals, surf shops, trinkets and what nots… How could I possibly choose?

And then there’s the problem of storage. How could I possibly bring back all the things I’ve bought? The car is already full of shite… camping equipment, food stores, clothes, spare parts, mineral water, fridge, diving equipment… the list never ends! Tell you what, sayang… I’ll just keep my shopping a surprise… let’s just say there’s something for every occasion…. 😉

By the way, baby… I went to Pura Uluwatu… for some culture…

shopping.jpg selfportrait2.jpg
monyet.jpg cliffs.jpg

Hugs and kisses from beautiful Bali, and wishing I have you here with me (to help carry my shopping, of course) – Jasmine.


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