On state of mind…

hi sayang,

I’m writing this morning from a beautiful poolside, under a shady tree with a nice breeze playing in my hair… it’s been good for me recently on the expedition, especially because yesterday we passed the halfway point. Before this, it’s been very depressing for me to be on the expedition, simply because I was terribly homesick, tired and overworked.

Somehow it sort of changed overnight – once we arrive in the bigger towns, there’s wi-fi internet access and hot water and good rooms, and I got a decent room mate. June is from Ford Malaysia, and she’s certainly more interesting than the other two pasu bungas. And then there’s the unmistakable feeling that we’re finally on our way home!

No doubt, there is still a long way to go before we get home, exactly 25 days to be precise. But its just one more ferry to Sumatera, and just two bloody islands to go to before we get back to good ole Malaysia. Food’s much better too, not just the usual “nasi padang” every night for dinner…

What ever it is, I’m still missing you like mad. I wish I’m home, and I’m very much tempted to walk into the Air Asia sales office and buy me a one way ticket. But if I did that, then the people who detract me would say, “See? I told you she can’t take it”.

For the sake of posterity (and shopping), I will survive another 25 days. Of course, this euphoric feeling could just be the product of being pampered in Shangri-La Surabaya. I tell you what, I’ll pen my thoughts again in a few days time, by when we’ll be in Rumah Tumpangan Ah Keong again, and I’ll just be as homesick as before…

Wishing you were here with me to enjoy some 5-star romance – Jasmine.


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