On all those ‘touristy’ things to do…

Hi baby,

Writing today from a Pertamina petrol station, where we’re refueling for the day. It’s been long and hectic – my day started at 3 am this morning! I admit, far from taking the long and winding road, today we did the typical ‘tourist’ thing – catching the sunrise at the top of an extinct volcano, and then going to the rim of an active volcano.
Mount Bromo has been on the tourist circuit for many years. Famous for its relative ‘tameness’, many come here for the volcanic experience. Not many active volcanoes would allow one to peek into its depths… The thing is, I have to confess, I really enjoyed being a typical tourist today.

The sunrise from Mount Pananjakan was fantastic. It was really a pity I couldn’t share it with you, other than through my photos, albeit amateur. It was chilly and incredibly windy, but the air was crisp and clear. Walking to the other side of the mountain gave a perfect view of Mount Bromo and Semeru. Icing on the cake was Mount Semeru belching out a perfect cloud of ash from its summit. I can now say I’ve seen a volcano explode…

sunrise1.jpg sunrise2.jpg sunrise3.jpg bromo1.jpg

The second part of the day was driving to the foot of Mount Bromo, through a field of volcanic ash called “Lautan Pasir”. It was amazing – fine, silky black dust flying through the air as we drove by. We stopped at a Hindu temple at the foot of Mount Bromo to make an offering to her, unfortunately no photography is allowed in the temple.

I then took a horseback ride to the rim of the crater. Took some photos of the smoking caldera, and then made the trek back down to the car. Till now, my hair smells like brimstone from hell. I guess it’s the price I have to pay for peeking into the bowels of the earth.

shrine.jpg semeru.jpg rim.jpg lava1.jpg

I’m beginning to wonder if all, well maybe not all, just some ‘touristy’ things to do are as over-rated as they seem. I thoroughly enjoyed the Bromo experience, although it’s not the normal thing I’d do if given a choice. I really really wish you were here with me to share in the ‘adventure’, because the only other complaint I have is that I had no one of meaning to share it with me. I might be traveling with these people for 60 days, but there’s no guarantee I’m making any ‘real’ connections.

mountainme.jpg mountain.jpg june.jpg bromocaldera.jpg

Tonight we’ll be in Jogjakarta, and tomorrow we’ll be doing some charity work. I hope it will be a good experience for me, and not just another shallow ‘in’ thing to do…

Missing you, till the point of crying myself to sleep at night – Jasmine.


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