On being halfway home…

We passed the 30-day mark today… this would be the approximate halfway point for the expedition. We’re flying through the Javanese countryside, stopping only long enough for a quick bite or pee.

The expedition has been an eye-opening experience for me, and not necessarily for the better. I’ve seen excesses that would shame Sodom and Gomorrah, I’ve seen a true shopaholic pack yet another souvenir into a space that looks next to impossible, I’ve seen people who think with their dicks and not brains… practically aged me 40 years in the span of a month.

This sampling of 60 people in the expedition right now, I would say is a fair representation of the ‘real’ world out there. Observe long enough, and you wouldn’t want to spend three days marooned on an island with these people.

There are many opportunists, some very subtle, others less so. Mostly the goal at hand is to look good in the eyes of the management. Either that or they’re trying not to open their wallets to even pay for a cab ride. And then there’s the ‘fan people’, or at least that’s what I call ‘em. They’re just trying too hard to be liked and loved and all they do is kiss arse.

Its not easy for me, being surrounded by people like this. It suddenly occurred to me what a sheltered world I live in. Sayang, you of all people would know how painfully ‘honest’ I can be, right? This whole sugar-coating business is really not my kind of thing.

The only joy for me right now, is looking forward to going home… its not so bad now that the days are counting down, and I only have one island left. Nevermind it’s a big one, and the days are going to be long and tough. Nevermind the haunted hotels and cannibal villages and lousy food and idiotic company… soon I’ll be home in your arms again…

Missing you sayang, and dreaming of your hugs and kisses – Jasmine.


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