On the duty to take care…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, isn’t it? Still missing you more than ever sayang… and now I’m in the last leg of Java…

Last night, my so-far moderately-pleasant experience of being on the expedition was completely thrown out of the window… you see, my hotel room was broken into, and they took away me moolah!

It’s not such a big amount, of course it only means so if one is particularly flush with cash. I ain’t such a person, see? So then the story goes, we go make a report, and call the security people blah blah blah…

I nearly went berserk watching the security cams – you see, the problem is that no one entered, and yet someone exited the room… so how now brown cow? Did this massage girl fall from the sky, and hence into my room?

To further complicate matters, we were asked to change room keys today… why lah, for God’s sake? So these people can masuk into our rooms and ransack our things?

The security cameras had one major flaw which to me, brings about reasonable doubt. IT ONLY RECORDS WHEN THERE IS MOVEMENT TO ACTIVATE THE MOTION SENSORS. So there are gaps in the recording. If one were to stay still long enough, they disappear of the cams… and I watched this happen ‘live’ on other cams.

Legally, an innkeeper is responsible for the safety of its patrons and their belongings, as long as the patron remains on the premises. This whole hoolabalooo happened while we were out for dinner. So, the hotel is not responsible for the incident, although we clearly see the girl exiting.

Over and over again, different people give me conflicting ‘analysis’ of the situation. One fella says the door is ajar, another one says its closed because of the light, another one says the girl is exiting from another door, bla bla bla…
Finally, I got so pissed off enough to tell the manager “Don’t think I’m not paying attention to what your boys are saying… please don’t patronize me and talk to me like I’ve never seen a recording before. If you insist on this bullshit, I’ll make it a point not to forget what your bloody idiots are saying…” Eventually a mat salleh manager understood what was happening and came by, and told them off and sent them out. By that time I was about ready to ‘cekik’ the stupid fellas.

Now, in a so-called 5-star establishment, shouldn’t there be more of a duty to take care? What I mean is that, shouldn’t they do more than what is stipulated legally, and actually give a shit about their guests?

I blame the whole thing on Azman, who insisted on staying in this hotel despite the objections of everyone else, simply because he wanted to get into the sales manager’s pants – reasons being, its far from town, surrounded by traffic jams, and difficult to exit. Personally, I’d like to add one of my own – lousy people and security whose talk is worse than snakes with three tongues. ‘Nuff said.

Missing you baby, if only because I have no one to talk to – Jasmine


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