On being possessive

Today one of the PETRONAS pasu bungas, the one who calls herself “Adik”, came running out of her car, to Stingray’s car in tears. Apparently, Chicago Hope got pissed with her, for shopping so much that there’s not even enough space to sit in the car. So how?

I agree wholeheartedly with Chicago Hope. After all, it is his car. And he needs to have access to all the medical equipment and medication. What if there’s an emergency? Stop the bleeding with some fancy kebaya?

The thing that ticks me off the most is that she ran to Stingray for comfort and hoping he’ll take her side. Perhaps one would forgive this one incident, but for me, I’m beginning to get very pissed with this clingy woman.

She goes where my father goes, all the time. She eats at his table without fail, sometimes telling me to go sit somewhere else so she can tell him more idiotic stories. So tell me, am I being paranoid, or just reacting normally?

This morning, she gave me a ‘look’ for kissing my father good morning. I just turned and gave her a withering glare, and raised my eyebrows. Who is she to behave like that? After all, I’ve been my father’s princess for much longer than a month… This is the woman who asked her father to come on the expedition when she was chosen by PETRONAS. Thankfully for the rest of the team, he met with an unfortunate accident and couldn’t make it. So now since he can’t be around, she behaves as is she’s the precious of the expedition. It’s just so bloody disgusting I turn off the CB radio when she comes on air.

Everyone I’ve spoken to tells me she’s a control freak who must have the last word at every conversation every time. She thinks the world of herself, the so-called perfect woman who goes shooting and horse-riding, and has never gone to a hairdresser. So, padan muka kena marah. After all, no one particularly loves her like she thinks they do.

By the by, she’s 31. Sleeps under her mum’s ketiak and proud of it. And single. And she ordered 1000 pieces of blank wedding cards in Jakarta. ‘Nuff said.

Love you sayang, and hoping that other people don’t think I’m a self-centered bitch myself – Jasmine.

ps – this was written in the afternoon, at dinner today again she stuck by his side like a limpet, no space for me as usual…


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  1. […] thus began my hate-affair with her, to be continued by her father in the next year. Read about her here and here. On the next expedition, her father brought me grief to no end. And even now, almost a […]

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