On rain…

It rained today. Not the garden variety sprinkle. Rained cats and dogs and rabbits. You must be wondering why I’m so excited about seeing some water fall from the sky…

You see sayang, I haven’t seen any honest to goodness rain for the past… ohh… I dunno, maybe 45 days or so.

Remember when we lived in Shah Alam we used to say that it never rains there because it’s the land of the damned? Well, I guess I can apply the same logic here. It was hot and humid in Kalimantan, hot and not so humid in Sulawesi. Then in Maumere, Flores and Sumbawa very hot and mind-bogglingly dry. Lombok, Bali and Java, hot and dusty and sometimes muggy. Now Sumatera’s weather I can understand – still hot, still humid, but with some clouds overhead and today, it rained!

Are we to say then that Indonesia is a land of damned people? I’m beginning to conclude so. They throw their garbage everywhere, even at home. They poop and pee in the water in which their drinking and cleaning stuff comes from. They cheat, lie, beg and steal. They sell their children, and live and eat in squalor. There is nothing that is good about the people here. The shopping and scenery, yes… but not the people…

Its only about 11 days before I head home, and the thought of familiar weather excites me. It means I’m getting closer to being home. I miss home and all its luxuries so so badly… as another drop of water falls on my palm, we race through the countryside, I smile to myself… because each drop brings me closer to you…

Missing you like parched earth for blessed rain – Jasmine.


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