On sate…

Dinner today for me was sate Madura. You’ve got to be wondering why the hell anyone would want to blog about sate right? I’m sure you know better than anyone that one of my favourite foods in the world is sate. We alwaya have sate, I would guess about once a week kan?

They say that the sate originated from these parts, and was brought to Malaysia by the immigrants. Maybe it’s true after all. It’s mind boggling, the variety of sate that can be found here. There’s sate Madura – a bit like ours, but they put kicap manis on it instead of marinade, eaten with kuah kacang quite similar to ours. Then there’s sate Minang or Padang – usually beef with all the spare parts like lungs, innards, heart, liver etc marinated in cili giling, and eaten with something like a starchy salty chilli sauce and bawang goreng. There’s also a sate Pariaman – usually kambing and some fat, unmarinated and eaten with kicap manis and raw garlic bits. There’s sate Jawa – usually a whole goat is hung at the stall and the guy carves up the raw stuff, sticks it and grills it, eaten with something like a lontong kuah. There’s also sate Wonosobo, grilled bits of unidentified beef parts, grilled with kicap manis and eaten with egg noodles and vege. Yes, egg noodles… no kidding…

I love sate. But here’s the thing, I can no longer tell what the heck or which version of sate I’m going to be eating when I walk into a stall. So how? So far, I’ve had most of the varieties described above. There are a few more, which goes against my religious beliefs, and so refuse to try. Like in Bali, there is babi guling, giant sticks of sate spit roasted over coals. In Sumatera, I came across sate babi, anjing and kucing. Yechh!

To that I say, I’m already missing the sate of home. Its definitely much better than the shite found here. When I come home baby, please take me out to dinner, maybe sate Keramat or Kajang, but not on the first day I balik la…
Thinking of the sate of here and back home only makes me want to go home even more…

So close and yet so far, not just from you but also my favourite foods – Jasmine.


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