On being heartless…

It’s finally arrived, the ending of the expedition… actually, it’s already day 50 or something… can’t quite remember now… the days and nights simply blend into one another. Wake up, shower and pack up, drive out for miles and miles, put up with idiots, eat, check into another grubby hotel, sleep, and the cycle repeats itself… It’s easy to lose yourself in the boredom that becomes mundane. Sure its new places and faces, but most of the time I’m too tired to be fascinated or amazed. Maybe I’m just jaded…

We’ve arrived at the tsunami-hit coast today. In fact, we’ll be driving through about 300 kilometers of coastline affected by the tsunami. In all honesty, I’m feeling ambivalent. I hear stories all around me about the tragedies, about the people who’ve lost their families and homes and just about everything their lives had been… but somehow it’s difficult for me to feel sympathy or empathy…

Throughout the whole journey, what I’ve seen in my personal opinion, is a country full of shite. There is trash everywhere, literally. They throw their garbage absolutely everywhere. There is no exceptions – mosques, schools, hospitals, roadsides, national monuments, near their homes and places of business… simply everywhere…

The only exception I’ve seen is the tsunami coast. There is not a shred of garbage here. Mother Nature has done an excellent job of cleaning up. Some might say I’m being heartless, because along with the trash were swept away homes and families and belongings and livestock… But that’s the thing, is it worth the human cost to clear away aeons of neglect?

The peoples of Acheh have settled here for millenia. They’ve lived and died right here on their motherland, although it looks as if they don’t particularly care about being sanitary. Maybe Mama Earth decided it was time to spring clean? I dunno… you decide…

road.jpg olele.jpg

calang2.jpg calang.jpg

Missing you angel, and counting the nights till I’m back with you again – Jasmine


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