On coming home…

It’s finally here, the day I return home to you…

I had a relatively late night last night, just so I’ll wake up a bit later and shave off some precious minutes of waiting for the hour to arrive… I thought I was smart, but then I woke up at 6 am…

I tried and tried to chase the elusive sheep to an even more elusive sleep… In the end, I woke up and dressed for an early breakfast. At the coffee house, apparently I wasn’t the only one with “home-coming anxiety”. About half the team was already eating downstairs, some in full regalia for the flight home…

Time passed fairly quickly though… before I knew it, time had come for us to go to the airport. For once, I had no complaints about the really lousy airport with no airconditioning and flooded toilets. Even the horrendous security checks won’t deter me from smiling today…

The flight home took about 40 minutes, just long enough to climb to 30,000 feet and to start descending… Walking out of the terminal, I saw familiar signboards in Bahasa, and the best bit would have to be the air free off kretek haze…

Sigh… I see you waiting for me, just beside the maddening crowd… 🙂

Looking forward to going home, finally – Jasmine


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