On fasting…

It’s the time of the year again, a time of mad contrasts done in the name of religion… It’s fasting month! Some people look forward to it, while others spend hours scheming how to make it look like they’re fasting when they’re not… Granted, I love Ramadhan… It’s a good time to try and lose some weight, but its not absolutely imperative that it happens… It’s also a good time to revamp the house and get some new clothes on the pretext of using them on Raya day…

But then back to the subject at hand – contrasts. The Prophet preaches that during Ramadhan the whole idea is to learn what it’s like to be poor i.e. hungry and thirsty, for example. It is also a good time to learn humility and humbleness, and how to be kind-hearted and generous. People, or Malaysians especially, are not particularly keen to apply these ideas… They go kaboinkers during Ramadhan in all that they do – they shop till they drop, they eat till they drop, they are rude and impatient and lazy – all with the excuse “I’m fasting, so be more understanding lah!”

What about the mad rush for ‘kueh’ and ‘baju raya’? Wasn’t the whole idea about learning to be humble? How to be humble when you’re dressed to the nines in a Ridzuan Radzwill frock costing two months salary? And then there’s the insane idea of ‘collecting’ ang pau money… It is not meant to be spent, rather it should bring the receiver good luck, and to instill values in young people… Instead, this year I’ve already heard one of my little cousins planning to buy a PSP with his ang pau money…

Sigh… the madness never ends… Perhaps a good marker for my ‘wisdom’ will be when I finally understand the insanity I live in, and cannot ever hope to evade…

So they say, if you can’t beat them, join em… We going shopping later, right baby? – Jasmine


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