On what makes a home…

Been thinking lately, about what to do or add to our ‘lovely’ home for the coming Raya celebrations… As hard as I might try to convince myself that there are no “Joneses” to keep up with, I can’t help but feel that there is a constant battle to keep improving, adding, removing, moving, rearranging, cleaning, scrubing and the like to be done at home. With one of our ‘favorite’ friends moving into their own place recently, and especially with the jabberings of the female half of the said couple about how lovely their apartment is, how expensive their sofa is, how big their goddamned fridge is and even how big her son’s balls are in her stomach, its beginning to gnaw at me to make our house ‘better’…

Many might say that better does not necessarily mean newer, or more expensive, or with more prestige… But the most important thing is that she must shut her yap when she comes over on the Raya open house, and be awed by what we’ve managed to do with our house… 😛

Why is it so? Especially with females, who feel an insane affinity for being houseproud… For me, it’s just one person who bites my sanity. Actually, my rational mind tells me it’s just a convenient excuse I’m using to justify this madness… Boo would be especially proud of me – all the laundry done and arranged, and the living room and kitchen spotless, and the garden is next on my list of things to tackle over the weekend. But try as I might to make myself content with the current ‘home contents’, it just won’t do.

Some days I wake up with the crazy idea that a new 42″ plasma screen will complete the house. Other days its a four-poster bed for the master bedroom, or even a free-standing bathtub for me to soak in. Sometimes its as simple as a wish for better plumbing, or a bigger sink for the kitchen, or even just a new stove… Another day I’ll wake up with pipe dreams for a new dining table, maybe a new dressing table… should I consider a proper wardrobe or even a new showerhead when the thing refuses to give an even spray in the morning? Maybe a proper kennel for Stella, or that new 600cc motorbike you keep talking about…

It’s worse when I’m in Ikea… there the ideas flow like water… and like water too will my moolah go, if I had that much disposable income to spend to begin with… Granted, the changes we have made this year have been much more than satisfactory – new floor coverings, better management of clothes and laundry, the new fridge, and the lovely, lovely floor uplighter in the computer area upstairs…

Sigh… the wishful thinking never ends… And my wishlist simply keeps growing… next on the list is improving the kitchen and dining areas, and figuring out some sensible plumbing for the house… But then again, in retrospect, I am incredibly proud of the home we made together from scratch… It’s comfortable and homey, feels lived in and full of love… And perhaps, just perhaps, that new 42″ Bravia plasma tv, eh?

My love and appreciation for putting up with all the pipe dreams that I have – Jasmine

ps – This was written in the morning… since then I have discovered that newer, oh ever newer plasma tvs will be out end of this year at Christmastime in Japan (and hopefully the rest of the world, especially our end) so then the prices will face another plunge… Keep my fingers and toes crossed, for the latest addition to the household… 🙂


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