On getting rich…

Today, Google announced the mother deal of all deals… They will be buying Youtube for 1.65 BILLION bucks! Yes, you heard me right… 1.65 billion… it’s more than some countries make in a whole year… This is by a small company based in San Mateo with 60 staff… Imagine what kind of payout they’d be getting…

And then there’s ordinary people like us, who spend many a sleepless nights, thinking of schemes and business plans and ideas to help pay for the house bills… I’m not looking to make a billion bucks… No, that’s just too much… I think I’ll settle for a paltry 20 million bucks… Sounds reasonable, no? It’s only after all a fraction of what was earned by Youtube. Now if only I can come up with something incredibly catchy and glitzy and loved by the ruling class of the Internet these days, kids…

Yup, kids rule… Simply because they got the time and know-how to make it work… What I mean by kids are just generally young people, under the age of 30… not the drooling and dribbling variety of kids… Young people these days are incredibly savvy about the world, and especially more so with the tech-ish aspects of life… The best bit about these young people are the purchasing power they hold… There are countless young people out there with disposable incomes, simply because they live at home with mom and pop, and are not bogged down by bills and other frivolous expenditures like groceries. Instead, they spend their moolah on more important things like clothes, consumer electronics, betting and generally having a blast in life, not necessarily in that order…

All that’s left for me to make my 20 million is to get an incredible idea, to capture the minds and hearts of these young Turks, and then to make a multi-national like Google or Yahoo be interested to include my services in their ranks…

Sigh… not as easy as it seems, eh?? I guess I’ll go back to spending endless sleepless nights thinking about it… I’ll let you know as soon as a particularly brilliant one pops into my overworked brains OK?

Waiting for the ‘jewel’ of all ideas to fall from the sky – Jasmine.


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