On dodgy internet connections…

This morning, the office was turned upside down because of no internet access. By the time I arrived at work, most of them already had their panties up in a bunch because they couldn’t get their morning dose of free porn. Sigh… It’s just my luck to be working in the company of people who think the sight of ugly people fornicating to be the ultimate wake up call in the morning. Doesn’t matter it’s fasting month and we’re all supposed to be ‘holy’ and ‘pure’…

First thing to do, reset the router and modem. No joy. Checked the router and modem, checked the settings, and then reset. Still no naked pictures… Sigh… now comes the harder bits… Check all the network settings on each individual terminal, run diagnostics on the router… Still looks OK… Again, no joy! At this point I’m about ready to scratch my head… OK, now I piggyback on the neighbor’s infinitely slower connection, and even their Streamyx is out of whack.

Call Streamyx technical help, and the line is madly busy this morning. Must be something down on their end… Finally I get a frazzled sounding kid on the line, and she tells me kinda hurriedly that the internet connections this morning are down, and that their techies are working on it, could we just be a bit patient and try again later?

There’s not much else I can do, and at least she was pleasantly civil to talk to. I guess the day will grind to a boring halt in a few minutes, since when there’s no porn the guys really have nothing to do… I guess I’ll be the only one relatively sane left here, since all I need is my music… got lots to entertain me on the playlist ☺

Come to think of it, last night sayang, you faced the same problem at home. I’ve noticed that since we live closer to the Streamyx ‘Mother Node’ near LKW, our connection will always be severed earlier than the guys downtown. I guess by the same token, we will be reconnected earlier as well…

The thing that bothers me the most is that no one seems concerned that the a more important line of communication, emails and IMs are all not functioning. I take a strange comfort in knowing that there are people out there who are connected to me, however intangible the link is. After all, what is tangible about a name with a smiley on the side? It’s just the prospect of being able to contact them, if you want to. There’s no actual contact actually involved – I talk, or rather chat with these people maybe once in a while. Sure, I got my regulars, people who talk to me on IM exclusively almost everyday.

It must be said that TM and Streamyx, and to say the same about computing, have come a long way, especially since those days when we used the dial-up connections to ITM server (for you, sayang) and for me, dial-up to the UM servers. Those were the days of typing your own log-in scripts, and computers bearing the DX4 (or something, can’t quite remember) with 16Mb RAM, and very very limited memory was the ‘in’ thing. Even earlier, I remember being a ‘cool’ one for having my own computer in the late eighties, and having to do my own programming to even have a ‘start-up’ page. This computer ran so hot, it had to sit in air-conditioned room with the thermostat cranked to the floor! Screens were just one colour, either green on black or white on black, and they came with manuals thick enough to become a workbench and the games were much much simpler too.

In those days, if the connection was dodgy, I accepted it. Just part and parcel of an emerging technology. Modems connected at the measley pace of 14.4kbps. Downloading anything at all took about forever. If the same were to happen today, I think they would be people leaping off buildings. In fact, now I wouldn’t put up with anything less than a flawless connection. It is after all, a service we pay for. Those dial-up days are much different, sort of like a frontier territory, with people making a grab for whatever they could. Even hogging the connection for hours did not cost a cent, other than the charges paid for making a local call.

Again, today I’ve strayed from my main point. My apologies. TM, please make yourselves more accountable for these services we pay good money for. After all, this is the second time this week that this has happened. We no longer live in the simpler days of the eighties or nineties (in computing terms)… This happens to be age of ever faster connections as people loose their ability to focus for more than 10 seconds, of gaming and making money in the ‘virtual’ world to make real ones in the real world, and mad networking of people in all corners of the globe – may it be via IM, or some other channel like MySpace or Youtube. Be accountable, and responsible, because to some people of my generation, and younger, feel that the ‘net is an integral part of our lives. It’s not easy to untangle oneself, even for a day of ‘down time’…

Impatiently waiting for the connection to be back online, so I can post my rants this morning, and send you my love – Jasmine.


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