On being a good Muslim…

This past week or so, we’ve been besieged by all sorts of ‘ideas’ from our ‘beloved’ government on the issues of racial harmony and the such… One might say its timely, given the proximity to the Deeparaya celebrations. Or not…

First issue being, a Muslim cannot wish a Hindu, or Indian “Happy Deepavali / Diwali / Pooja” because it will make us infidels, and lose our oh, so transient faith in God. This was said in an email, sent to all Muslim Takaful employees, by their religious ‘advisor’. His justification for the basket of bollocks was that since Hindus worship idols, wishing them Happy Diwali would mean we Muslims also, by association, worship idols.

What the fish??

How can wishing a friend Happy Pooja, or by the same token of flawed logic, Merry Christmas make me lose my faith in God? Is my faith so frail, as to safeguard my devotion to God, I will now learn to be uncharitable and not wish people happy-whatever?

Perhaps this will help to explain why lately Pakciks in their kopiahs have been so rude to everyone, especially on the road. You see, if you let a Chinese / Indian / Younger person in front of your car to go first, and learn to queue properly like other people, you could be an infidel, because YOU need to get home to pray… Other people’s souls are condemned anyways, so no need to be nice or patient. Right?

WRONG!! Fasting, and indeed ‘iman’ is determined not bit by bit, or parcel by parcel. It is, in my own ‘un-specialist’ opinion, determined wholesale in a person – cleanliness, patience, virtue, politeness, charity, devotion to God yakkity yak yak yak… It’s not possible to say you’re “beriman” because you choose not to be muhibbah, and not wish your neighbours Gong Xi Fa Chai, since if you do, it means you worship Chinese idols then….

So much for having a Muhibbah Ramadhan this year. I think that as I age, Ramadhan loses more of its charm every year. More and more people are turning into religious fanatics with nothing but the madness within themselves to justify it, and to make it worse, they love crucifying others, whether metaphorically or otherwise. More and more idiots put their half-baked ideas out there, and even pathetic would be the people with brains the size of a pea making crusades based on the very same ideas.

Why can’t we Muslims make it right for ourselves? It is bad enough with all that is going around, for example – the opinion of most Westerners that Muslims are overzealous and will resort to violence each and every time. What about the whole ‘purdah’ madness in Britain? Why don’t we Muslims make it understood that there is a choice involved in wearing a purdah – it is not a ‘must’ for all Muslim women to be covered head to toe, just covered decently…

That’s the thing, we say that people do not tolerate Muslims, but in actual fact, Muslims also cannot tolerate fellow Muslims, so how? We ourselves must make the change. Perhaps there is some reality to the thoughts of people who say that there are something wrong with Muslims everywhere in the world. We need to get rid of our Muslim ‘holier-than-thou’ mentality, and learn some tolerance, patience and other virtues. Maybe then perhaps other faiths will then finally see the beauty of Islam.

On being a good Muslim, this year I will try to do more charity and not complaint and rant so much… I know with this piece of ranting, it certainly more than definite I will be labeled an infidel. But it doesn’t bother me – I know deep in my heart, that my faith God alone knows, and no one else will pass judgement on me. I will not give in and give these idiots the satisfaction.

Hoping the idiots drop dead from ‘stupid’ virus or something, if only so that I won’t have to suffer them – Jasmine.


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