On colleagues…

It’s another day at work… as usual… Work never ends… There’s no break, no end in sight, no joy or happiness to be had from grovelling and slaving all day… And all there is to show for it at the end of the day, is some measley pay – enough for me to be broke again at the end of the day… Sigh…

To make it worse, work is made unbearable by workmates. You see, there are many factors contributing to work satisfaction – among others it would have to be what we actually do, how much we get paid for it, people who we work for and work with, and other benefits like medical, insurance, company vehicles and other things…

I enjoy working for the company I work for, except for when I have to put up with people – people on the expedition, people who dislike me more than lepers, colleagues who talk and whine and say things about me behind my back, people who shirk off work… Basically, all sorts of people who surround me, and unfortunately for me, there seems to be no escape to be found…

Again today I found out, that the boys in the office just simply hate my guts. Well, not all of them… Just two… Just the ones that keep getting left behind anytime we go anywhere. They comment on everything. There is absolutely nothing free from their scrutiny… Being the typical Malay bunch of assholes, they’re ungrateful and bloody think that no one else deserves the world other than themselves. It’s just plain ole stupid. When will they realize that to move forward, one must think with a positive mindset, and not treat others like dirt?

How am I ever to work with people who think I’m a scumbag, and the same time ask for help simply because their brains haven’t sprouted enough cells to put 2 and 2 together? Either that or they’re doing a perfect job of ‘working’ in the Melayu sense – you must be seen to be working, without actually getting any work done…

Tomorrow is one more day at work, and then its a one-week respite from these people. From what I’ve heard, the company is in for an expansion, and that better employees are on their way. Or at least those that don’t backstab and bite and snarl at each other for no apparent reason. And thank goodness for me, one of the idiots who just love to blame me for everything that goes wrong here, will be ‘balikking kampung’ tomorrow…

All I’m saying today is, when will we Malays ever learn proper work ethics? We’ll forever be stuck on the backburner of progress if we keep choosing to step backwards twice everytime there’s some progress. It doesn’t help me at all I’ve got some of these bastards working with me… Maybe one day, and I’m really praying for this day to come by, they’ll all just drop dead and never come back.

Just like them, I spend some time of my day thinking of the wonderful possibilities too… 🙂

Counting the hours before I can escape these idiots – Jasmine.


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