On expectations…

I’ve been working on a project, well, not really my project, a sub-project as part of a bigger project… I’ve been trying to pull together some resources for a sort of a project in the past month or so… Been making presentations and proposals, and doing some background work on top of the usual madness that constitutes as work for me… It’s saddened me to see that one of the ‘components’ in the project just refused to come through for me, considering the amount of work I’ve already poured in… Sigh… Perhaps I’ve been keeping overly-high expectations of people, especially since it was difficult to judge an almost silent character (one of the rare times I’ve taken silence for the ability to observe, instead of plain ole stupidity!)

It’s not easy to explain to others the amount of work wasted, especially if they have contributed absolutely zilch to it… I’ve been hoping that this particular project will come across as a good presentation board and foundation, on which many more significant projects can be based on…

You see, some may say that the financial rewards aren’t substantial enough… So how? Turn it down? Then what? Isn’t it worse off to be completely broke rather than at least making some money? I rather naively envisioned this project as a massive advertising opportunity… by putting our relatively unknown work out there, where there is high visibility, perhaps we will be in a better position to exploit other potentials out there…

It’s no longer a surprise for me then, to read in the news that there are literally many thousands of IT graduates out there with no jobs. Perhaps they are good in their own little field, but most of all the one bad encounter I had was the lack of tact and professionalism. It’s unfair for me to lump them all up in one big ball, and say all IT people out there are idiots! Well, I’ll be kind and say, most of them are…

Maybe the problem doesn’t lie with the job market. Perhaps there is something fundamentally ‘defective’ about these graduates – maybe too picky about the jobs they’re willing to do, picky about how much they’re going to be paid, picky about where they work and what they wear to work…. And then there’s the problems of them not being suitable to live in the real world with real people – most of them have problems even putting a complete sentence together, forget about actually speaking with manners or in the proper ‘method’.

I’ve put in too much work into this project to let it go down the drain without a fight. I’m a smart girl and a fast learner… so maybe it’s time for me to branch out of event management and journalism, and go into web-designing myself, since even the Prophet himself advocated life-long learning for all Muslims… After all, how difficult can it be, if even idiots who are barely comprehensible in the best of times can do it for a living?

IT people out there, maybe it’s finally time for you to wake up, and realize that by living in your little cocoon, the world will pass you by, and one day you’ll be just as obsolete as the hardware you so vehemently put down…

Eager to learn, and looking forward to making our dreams a reality together – Jasmine.

ps – Maybe I can finally afford that 42″ plasma tv, now that I don’t have to pay a web designer, ehh??


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