On working with ‘toxic’ people…

As you would know darling, I detest the people I work with, and this isn’t exactly breaking news. It’s not easy, if not downright impossible to work with people who refuse to cooperate. OK lah, maybe asking them to cooperate is a bit much… I’d settle for them leaving me well enough alone. No need to help, or give meaningful insights or ideas, just leave me freaking alone… I’d be able to do what I need to do, in relative peace.

It’s also bad on my nerves. Knowing that they think that I can’t do this job right, and that I’m just looking to offload the pile on them… The thing is, it’s not something I’ve ever done, just that they assume that I will. I’ve never been in their hair or anything, maybe they just hate the sight of me… Ah well, I didn’t expect to be ‘loved’ and put on a pedestal like Miss January, but some courtesies can be conducive to a better working environ, no?

An epiphany came to me recently, from all places, a short column on surviving in the workplace in NST. It suddenly made sense – just ignore them, the idiots that populate the office. Especially those two most ‘potente’ ones… They’re the ones never happy with anything at all related to me, or my work. Always trying to make me look incompetent… Well, try away… It’s a semi-free country, right?

From now, my resolution is to ignore them. Like water off a duck’s back. They’re not there. If they screw up, then good. If they don’t then also good, at least their salary is being put to good use, no? I have resolved that the new pay hike I received recently is good for me – even with the added responsibilities. Having more to do means that I have less time to interact with the idiots previously mentioned, and it’s great for thumbing noses at them… At least I’m bringing home more, even without the endless bitching… 🙂

Looking forward to our dinner tonight darling, where hopefully more intelligent conversation will reign – Jasmine.

ps – Taking a few days off in April, need a break from the idiots… Maybe we can plan an outing?


On going for a ‘mini’ holiday…

Our little husky-owners club recently planned a small get together for its ‘core’ members to go to Cameron’s Highlands for a weekend. Knowing full well that I was buried to my head in work, we decided that we weren’t going to join the outing. Last night though, our Madame El Presidente, called in a huff looking for more people to join them, as the ‘organizers’ had bailed out!


I know I know, no time for breaks… All the more reason to go for this one – since I’ve got no other weekends to go! Next weekend is the F1 preview thing, then its the F1 weekend… Followed by the Thai check-out drive, then it’s the big event launch – after the launch, it’s a free for all madness, as we madly zoom towards the flag-off date. That was why, my mouth answered, YES! We’re going! before my head even decided on the practicalities of it!

It’s a full working day, and the laundry hasn’t dried yet. Need to pack for humans and dogs, and get the house marginally organized before we go. Especially because you’ll be out of the house for three days next week darling… Hope it’s manageable…

Okies, promise we’ll post photos. Gotta go home soon – to clean up house a bit, wash car, pack, do laundry, do groceries, mop house, load up the auto-feeder for the cats… Maybe this little distraction is exactly what I need to get my mind of the mad workload!

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend with you darling – Jasmine.

ps – I hope you can forgive me if I shop for more plants this time – you know how I love the plants from Cameron’s!

On being a leper…

Found out today, I’d be spending my precious weekend with the biggest twit bimbo in the office 😛 I decided I wasn’t going to waste my weekend, and pulled out of the outing… It’s not that I don’t want to go, but I cannot stand that woman.

She’s so blooming irritating. She squeaks and behaves as if she’s the cutest angel on earth. The truth being, she’s much closer to looking like a leprechaun that cackles and tries to make men adore her. Apparently, she’s supposed to be multi-lingual and all that shit, and what she loves to do most is speak in bullshit tongues when talking to people. Put me in one car with another twit who speaks only Chinese, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure I’d be silent the whole way as they gibber away in their irritating squeaky little voices.

Apparently, this year, we’re supposed to be working together. I don’t think it’s possible. This is not something I can do to myself. As much as I want to go on the expedition, she’s just not worth the headache. I would love to see Kunming and Lijiang, Lhasa and Kathmandu, go to Darjeeling and Agra and Delhi and all those exotic places, but not at the expense of my sanity.

It was very difficult for me last year, and I can only imagine how hard it’s going to be for me this year. I probably have to be the ‘leper’ again, looking for a small space to squeeze into at camp sites, looking for a kitchen to joing for dinner, and generally missing home like hell for two months, with horrid people in stinky clothes and worse attitudes for company.

My lesson for today, is that we cannot have all we wish and desire. On the surface I might have a great job, with all the traveling and glamour and what-have-you. The truth is far more ordinary. I deal with idiots on a daily basis, get crap pay and benefits, and wrestle with my conscience regularly. I am overworked, and unappreciated.

Perhaps it’s time I moved on. Even if moving on means working minimum wage at McDonalds. At least there’s no more shit politics, and I get paid what I deserve. Flipping burgers ain’t tough, but you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to know how to do it right.

Wishing I was rolling around in dough, so I don’t have to work – Jasmine.

On being a sleepyhead…

I’m just so sleepy this morning. There’s just no two-way about it… sleepy… Even as I struggled to stay awake in the weekly management meeting, my eyes droop and my concentration sways… diluted in the hazy fog that is my mind, seeking the comfort and solace of blessed sleep.

This whole sleepy business is getting out of hand. I very very nearly fell asleep at the wheel this morning. I also very nearly fell asleep in the shower, and nearly fell asleep the minute I sat at my desk. Last night, I nearly fell asleep watching tv… then I turned it off, only to fall asleep two pages into the new book I was reading…

Every day, after work, I promise myself I’ll take a nap. So far, my nap hasn’t materialized, as there are always so so many things to do… again, I push sleep out of the way, and the cycle repeats itself, more sleepiness followed by more promises of sleep, and still no sleep to be had.

They say sleep deprivation can drive a man insane. I’m working on that. Perhaps once I’ve lost what’s left of my twisted mind, sleep will come. Blissful, uncomplicated and uncluttered, oh! The joy of a good night’s rest….

For once, I wish for dreamless sleep, free from even dreams of you – Jasmine.