On being a sleepyhead…

I’m just so sleepy this morning. There’s just no two-way about it… sleepy… Even as I struggled to stay awake in the weekly management meeting, my eyes droop and my concentration sways… diluted in the hazy fog that is my mind, seeking the comfort and solace of blessed sleep.

This whole sleepy business is getting out of hand. I very very nearly fell asleep at the wheel this morning. I also very nearly fell asleep in the shower, and nearly fell asleep the minute I sat at my desk. Last night, I nearly fell asleep watching tv… then I turned it off, only to fall asleep two pages into the new book I was reading…

Every day, after work, I promise myself I’ll take a nap. So far, my nap hasn’t materialized, as there are always so so many things to do… again, I push sleep out of the way, and the cycle repeats itself, more sleepiness followed by more promises of sleep, and still no sleep to be had.

They say sleep deprivation can drive a man insane. I’m working on that. Perhaps once I’ve lost what’s left of my twisted mind, sleep will come. Blissful, uncomplicated and uncluttered, oh! The joy of a good night’s rest….

For once, I wish for dreamless sleep, free from even dreams of you – Jasmine.


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