On going for a ‘mini’ holiday…

Our little husky-owners club recently planned a small get together for its ‘core’ members to go to Cameron’s Highlands for a weekend. Knowing full well that I was buried to my head in work, we decided that we weren’t going to join the outing. Last night though, our Madame El Presidente, called in a huff looking for more people to join them, as the ‘organizers’ had bailed out!


I know I know, no time for breaks… All the more reason to go for this one – since I’ve got no other weekends to go! Next weekend is the F1 preview thing, then its the F1 weekend… Followed by the Thai check-out drive, then it’s the big event launch – after the launch, it’s a free for all madness, as we madly zoom towards the flag-off date. That was why, my mouth answered, YES! We’re going! before my head even decided on the practicalities of it!

It’s a full working day, and the laundry hasn’t dried yet. Need to pack for humans and dogs, and get the house marginally organized before we go. Especially because you’ll be out of the house for three days next week darling… Hope it’s manageable…

Okies, promise we’ll post photos. Gotta go home soon – to clean up house a bit, wash car, pack, do laundry, do groceries, mop house, load up the auto-feeder for the cats… Maybe this little distraction is exactly what I need to get my mind of the mad workload!

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend with you darling – Jasmine.

ps – I hope you can forgive me if I shop for more plants this time – you know how I love the plants from Cameron’s!


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