On working with ‘toxic’ people…

As you would know darling, I detest the people I work with, and this isn’t exactly breaking news. It’s not easy, if not downright impossible to work with people who refuse to cooperate. OK lah, maybe asking them to cooperate is a bit much… I’d settle for them leaving me well enough alone. No need to help, or give meaningful insights or ideas, just leave me freaking alone… I’d be able to do what I need to do, in relative peace.

It’s also bad on my nerves. Knowing that they think that I can’t do this job right, and that I’m just looking to offload the pile on them… The thing is, it’s not something I’ve ever done, just that they assume that I will. I’ve never been in their hair or anything, maybe they just hate the sight of me… Ah well, I didn’t expect to be ‘loved’ and put on a pedestal like Miss January, but some courtesies can be conducive to a better working environ, no?

An epiphany came to me recently, from all places, a short column on surviving in the workplace in NST. It suddenly made sense – just ignore them, the idiots that populate the office. Especially those two most ‘potente’ ones… They’re the ones never happy with anything at all related to me, or my work. Always trying to make me look incompetent… Well, try away… It’s a semi-free country, right?

From now, my resolution is to ignore them. Like water off a duck’s back. They’re not there. If they screw up, then good. If they don’t then also good, at least their salary is being put to good use, no? I have resolved that the new pay hike I received recently is good for me – even with the added responsibilities. Having more to do means that I have less time to interact with the idiots previously mentioned, and it’s great for thumbing noses at them… At least I’m bringing home more, even without the endless bitching… 🙂

Looking forward to our dinner tonight darling, where hopefully more intelligent conversation will reign – Jasmine.

ps – Taking a few days off in April, need a break from the idiots… Maybe we can plan an outing?


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