On life in the fast lane…

Over the past weekend, our whole division (if you still didn’t notice we’re part of Malaysia’s only Fortune 500 company’s motorsports stable :P) was involved in an F1 demo, in the middle of nowhere. Now, some may beg to differ – after all, Melaka (oops, I don’t normally kiss and tell, do I?) does have its share of touristy things and hotels and the such, and hence should be ‘somewhere’, right?


The venue chosen was of the utmost importance, as any event organizer worth his or her salt would attest. Location and timing is everything. This is where they went oh, so wrong… First, it was planned to be held at one of Malaysia’s many many many white elephants – this means, yet another one of the government’s complexes that are only populated three days a year. As a direct result, this would only entail one thing – non existent crowds… Tell me, how does one stage a successful event without the people? It is after all, a PR exercise. How to PR to the birds and the bees, the plants and the trees?

Second factor, timing – it was planned for mid-afternoon. Did we forget something here? Perhaps the fact that Malaysia is with tropical weather, and such weather would only mean scorching afternoon heat? Or did we conveniently forget that we’re also very humid, with everyone involved sweating buckets, except for the hotshots sitting in the VIP section, everyone was in mortal danger of death by dehydration, via sweating… Even the F1 drivers were dying, especially so in their Nomex suits…

Anywho, the demo went well, and as to be expected in a Malaysian crowd, the star attraction were not the F1 drivers or their cars, not the touring BMWs or the Formula 3000 vehicles, but the ‘kapchai’ boys and their toys. Granted, they’re a talented lot, racing like mat rempits under the auspices of ‘motorsports’… but Malaysians will be Malaysians, and it’s always the raw, unadulterated thrills that get us going.

That night, post-demo, the whole motorsports division was in for a treat. A fancy party, organized by our sponsors was to be held at the only 5-star hotel in Melaka town. All white was the dress code. It was nary a day for me too, for I hate white, you know it only makes me look even fatter, if its even possible.

It was the perfect quintessential party – with hostesses in white, and the decor theme was dark Gothic, with fairy lights in dark drapes… Waiters flitting around with drinks and little pretty patches of delicious mouthful morsels of food. I had a smashing time, enjoying the food and drinks of course. Entertainment was a live jazz band, with Tompi singing songs mostly from Stevie Wonder and the like.

In its totality, the life of the F1 team for me was beyond comprehension. They travel around the world, in their funky sponsored clothes and shoes, putting on a show at demos and PR stints. On the weekend, its team work and precision at its best, as they move as one organism during the races. They work hard, and they party harder. Everything is decided for them, from what to wear to what to eat to what time they sleep, what time they wake up and what colored socks they’ll be clad in…

Being the simple city girl that I am, I wonder if this is how life in the fast lane is really like… Endless jetsetting, gorgeous people in gorgeous clothes, fantastic pay, good food, good company, parties and more parties, speed and performance and exhilaration in the races…

I wonder if its worth leaving all that you love behind – family and friends, familiar places and faces… What about the simple choice of what to wear this morning? Perhaps meeting some friends for a spot of tea later? How about the thought of sleeping in this weekend? Or the simple pleasures of spending some time with a beloved pet, pigging out on Pringles while watching reruns of the Simpsons? Somehow, when deciding to join the world of glitz and glamour, they have also, inadvertently, chosen to leave all the little things that makes each individual unique and special…

Call me simple, but the I would prefer to keep my simple, if not exciting life… I don’t think I can live so regimentally, where even the color of my socks is dictated by those little people who pay for my extravagant, but orchestrated simulation of life…

Thinking of you baby, and appreciating our haphazard and cozy way of life – Jasmine.


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