On attracting opposites…

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time recently, with a couple uniquely different from the usual masses. You see, one half of the couple is a big, black Indian fella with chivalry and all ‘manly’ contrivances thrown in for good measure. The other half of the couple is a petite Indonesian girl, young and perhaps a little bit naive, and couldn’t be further on the opposite end of the spectrum from her significant other, in more ways than one.

They are a fascinating pair, and keeping them company is a gorgeous Siberian husky by the name of Maya, said by some to be a cross between a husky and a GSD, simply because she doesn’t behave like any other husky we’ve met before. Their main mode of locomotion is Belle, a gorgeous orange-colored VW Beetle, lovingly and painstakingly restored to almost mint condition. Again, in more ways than one, this couple is unique – in the demographia of their relationship, in their choice of a pet, in their mode of transportation and how they interact with others around them.

You see, they too have one of the more common excuses other couples use to explain away their differences – age. The age disparity between the two spans over a decade. They were born in different eras, listen to different music, and brought up with different values and social norms, and to further compound matters, they didn’t even grow up in the same country!

The question that begs answering, for me at least, is how do two very very incredibly different people get together and have a relatively happy life? They have their ups and downs, like any other couple… And yes, sometimes they cuss and curse at each other like drunken sailors, but at the end of the day, they love each other.

From my short observation of them, I would imagine their biggest challenge would be people around them, and how they look upon this very unconventional pair of people, driving along on a Sunday afternoon in their orange VW, with their husky giving other motorists the evil eye… How people talk about them behind their backs, how their aunties or other ‘kaypochies’ say “What a scandal!”, and whisper away their gossiping minds…

What I strive to learn from this pair of very fascinating people, is how one learns tolerance and unconditional love, how to be perfectly mannered and polite in the face of people who look to put you down any chance they get, and how, despite all odds, managed, no…. successfully manouvered a relationship over the years through turbulent times, emerging intact and in love with each other more than ever…

Perhaps, I too will learn to emulate these fascinating people… After all, now all I wish for is a simple and uncomplicated life, with the ones I love… To be free of the nagging thoughts of others, and how they think of me and my simple and uncomplicated life…

Looking forward to having dinner with you tonight, my love – Jasmine.

ps – My many thanks to Kash and Helen, for waking me up, and making me realize what I take for granted everyday, is what you fight for, tooth and nail…


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