On being unwell…

I’ve been unwell the past week or so… And I mean really really unwell… Not the garden variety flu to keep me out of action for a week, but a real spine-tingling, close-call-with-hospital kind of unwell. It started out innocently enough, with kinda of a fever, inspired by the lack of sleep and stress. It progressively got worse, with even less sleep and less time to take care of myself…

You see, the thing is, at the time of my ‘unwell-ness’, my other half was also struck with disease and pestilence… Bad enough to warrant being hospitalized from the emergency ward. Bad enough, for me to spend one sleepless and restless night in the emergency ward, spending the few cents I had to my name, arguing and exchanging ‘ideas’ with the medical staff, trying to make sense out of the madness, getting sicker and sicker as the minutes ticked by. Thankfully, his afflictions weren’t literally as bad as they looked. My handsome boy may look a little ‘off-balance’ for a while, but I’ve been told Bell’s Palsy is temporary and will reverse itself. More importantly for me, at least, is the fact that there is no permanent damage, other than the damage already done, and definitely not because of the Bell’s Palsy.

Being told that you have an old man’s witches’ brew of diseases in the prime of one’s life must be one of the most depressing things to happen to anyone. It’s not easy to get used to the meds, and endless monitoring of what to eat and not to eat, to remember the injections and doctor’s appointments, and wishfully dream on a lamb chop… I’m trying my darndest best here, to be supportive and make a change.

It’s indeed good for the both of us, being temporarily unwell. We’re now consuming less fat and red meat, eat more veggies and fish and all manner of healthy things, and I think we’re well on the road to being healthier. Not fighting fit like those fellas who run a mile in six minutes, but well enough to have decent cholesterol levels and not keel over after three flights of stairs…

I’m still on the road to recovery. After all, I had a nasty viral flu, and at the same time was taking care of someone who was even sicker. Back to work, with my nose in the grindstone so much, it’s being rubbed raw. Back to the madness of impossible deadlines and difficult people. It is after all, what I do for a living. I just can’t afford the time out, the time needed to be unwell and recover, and to go back to work in my own sweet time…

Being unwell though, has thought me the value of being well and healthy. It’s not ever good for anyone at all to be falling sick, especially when there is no safety net waiting to catch you when you fall. And for that, sometimes the only option seems to be, never ever getting unwell… And for that, I’ve learned my lesson and always will finish my veggies, no matter how yucky they may seem…

Hoping for you to get well soon, if only to smile at me the way you used to smile at me – Jasmine.


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