On houseguests and housemates…

This past month or so, the house has seen an inordinate number of houseguests parading by our little unfettered lives. Some for the better, while others contribute not so much as extra carbon dioxide into the air we breathe, and take up living space. One couple, and their beautiful husky (I’ve talked about them a bit, right here in this blog), was a welcome addition. The other half of the equation, however, was incredibly ingratiating on the nerves. Coupled with their little smelly and stinky sausage dog, a blooming underfed, untrained and unattended dachshund, the combination was a killer.

It started out alright, with the couple being entertaining, and hearing the stories they shared on their experiences with a hellish housemate, was really eye-opening. It was amazing to what lengths some would go to, in order to make these people leave their abode. It got stale after about 18 hours straight of cock-and-bull stories. It got mind-bogglingly difficult to drown out the voices, and the self-appreciative laughs. The female halve of the equation even began being possesive of her Sino-Irish boyfriend, much to my very-much-attached-and-married chagrin. You keep the boy, and shove it where the sun don’t shine, you silly girl!

It got progressively worse, as the female was left at home, while the guy went off to complete his mucho due assignments. She left eventually, feeling that she was getting insufficient attention, and went home to her equally maladjusted family home in Ampang. He followed soon after, although he was sick as a dog, simply because she said so…

On the other end of the spectrum, we were offering sleeping space and living room to the other couple. They were just charming! Even helped with the mad chores that never end in the house. All I can say is, that this opposites of the spectrum, in the initial days, came in as one package. It is amazing to see what differences there are in people. Especially so in these two polar opposites.

This time around, I’ve learnt my lesson on houseguests and housemates. Do not take the judgement of others to be the gospel truth. Judge people on your own scale of merits, and make your own decision. What one person says is a decent soul, and good person, may turn out to be a goblin in a penguin suit. I’ve been mostly right on my hunches and instant judgement calls about people, and for once, I refused to listed to that little nagging voice, and for that I had to suffer the idiot couple for about a week…

Next time, I’ll believe that little voice, for it hasn’t done me wrong all these while…

Waiting for the minutes to tick by till the moment I rush home into your arms, in our beautiful, and now no longer empty home – Jasmine.


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