On the National Registration Department…

Just a short blurb, this time around… Did anyone at all notice, that suddenly, how come we got to state our religion on the god-damned MyKad? After all, since when religion too, been bereaucratized?  What if  I choose not to state my religion? Or say I’m an Inupiat?

Lina Joy would have not had all this troubles to go through, had the damn MyKad people not think up of another useless application for the overglorified nametags – a passport into your very own denomination’s heaven, or perhaps more likely, hell…

Wishing I had a choice on the little space where ‘Islam’ is noted… Maybe I’ll put the name of our dog, ‘Stella’ instead 😛 – Jasmine. (Does it matter whether I choose to exercise the right or not? The point is, about having a choice, no matter how insignificant… Right, folks?)


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