On airing dirty laundry in public…

Well, it was semi-public… Not entirely out in the open, in the middle of a bustling pasar malam with a full blown screaming match going on… It was in our tiny little entry-level sedan car, with a captive audience. Audience wasn’t necessarily entirely volunteering for the whole spectacle, but as the vehicle was in motion, there wasn’t much they could do…

It started innocently enough, just like every other argument… A small comment, or a wayward look, or even perhaps, the wrong tone with the right words. Honestly, how it started doesn’t matter now. The fact that matters is that the every argument, or screaming match has an outcome. Sometimes desirable, sometimes quite bile-like and bitter to swallow.

I believe that catharsis is good for the soul. That was the whole point of having this blog, as a matter of fact. Keeping this in mind, an argument, to me at least, is a form of catharsis, however negative the means to achieve an end. Expressing what is on my mind, is what keeps me quite relatively sane. This method of keeping sane however, has a major drawback, in the sense that sometimes it backfires, and causes more anguish and pain, instead of solving the mess. Especially so when done in front of an audience.

It does not matter whether the said audience is an active participant of the discussion. It is worst kind of argument, in fact, when there are ‘observers’ on the sideline, manning the offside offences. It is after all an argument, right? Offside offence or no, most of the words uttered in arguments are meant as blows below the belt. More often that not, maximum pain infliction is the goal.

Last night’s argument, had its plus points, and its ‘painful’ points. For myself at least, catharsis was achieved, in more ways than one. Currently, I am praying and hoping for the desired outcome to be decided. It’s still a fifty-fifty gamble for me. I might win it all, or I might lose it all. Can’t win if you never take risks, right?

Hoping that you love me, more than I imagine it to be, and that you’ll decide to come home – Jasmine.

ps – My apologies to the ‘members of the audience’ last night… I didn’t mean to air the dirty laundry, it just burst out of the closet, quite unintentionally… 😛


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