Hi all,

It’s been a tough week for me… I’m going to let the poster above do most of the talking… All I can say is, its really difficult moment for me right now, especially because I’m out of the country, working, and CANNOT come home, not matter how I wish I could…

It’s one thing to steal an inanimate object, it is completely unbelievable that someone would steal a family member, with no intention of returning them to you… My heart felt like it was stopping, and I couldn’t breathe when I first heard the news… Now, hearing about all the effort that’s being put into finding them, I feel much better…

Many many heartfelt thanks, and my gratitude to those who have made an enormous effort to try and find them – Rafiq, Deby, Kash, Helen, Andrew, Myra, Joe,  Carol, Uncle Hafiz, and I suppose I’ll never know who else I owe these thanks to… Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, for making a difference – especially when I’m a million miles away…

Hoping, and praying, as much as I could, for their safe return – Jasmine.


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