On open air toilets…

We recently crossed into China, and I had my first introduction to the ‘real’ outdoor toilet, China-style. This isn’t my first time in China, but so far, I’ve been fortunate enough to have missed the open concept toilets. Before this, even the worst toilets had doors, and relatively ‘hidden’ plumbing.

Entering China via Boten, we stopped about ten kilometers into Chinese territory for a pee stop. The Sinopet station looked harmless enough, with busloads of people milling about, and the general number of long-haul trucks moving in and out of the place.

I was warned, the toilet is going to be nasty. Taking that into account, I took along with me my trusty ole Tupperware of wet wipes, thinking that the stench will probably be blocked out by them.

Nothing though, prepared me for the sight of about ten ‘authentic’ aunties, peeing and pooing into a ditch in unison, while chatting about the weather, I presume. Not even a small partition in between depositors, not to mention doors or loo paper.

The ditch itself, is another story. It was a moving river of human excreta, and the stench was beginning to get to me. Even through the wet wipes, I was beginning to retch. I figured, I’d rather pee in the bush than do it with the aunties chatting about there…

So there is my first, authentic experience with a Chinese toilet. I’ve heard many horror stories, and the worst I’ve seen, had cubicles but the ladies there actually used umbrellas to cover their heinies at work. It was just all too much for me to take.

I now am no longer even attempting to pee at toilets when we stop. I simply walk off for a bit with my trusty big umbrella and wet wipes, and let loose wherever I think people can’t really see…

I’m not the only one with this idea though… just today, I saw Nenek doing the same ☺

Good luck China, for Beijing Olympics in 2008. If ever the ‘mat sallehs’ are going to pee into a ditch in unison, then they’ve definitely done a good job at making the world more Chinese!

Missing you + Stella + Oreo to the point of tears, and not to mention indoor plumbing – Jasmine.

ps – my apologies, if I’ve offended anyone who feels that I’m putting China down… It’s just all too much shit in one day, pun intended.


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