On trying to get on track again…

Let me begin today, by again, apologizing for taking a long hiatus from blogging… Many a bric-brac has been burdening my mind lately, and I start the day with many brilliant ideas on which I plan to share on the blog, but end up forgetting by the time I get buried in work…

As usual, I’ve been buried, and been busy burying myself in work… Perhaps it helped in taking my mind of the distracting little fact that we haven’t found our two missing girls yet. *sigh* I wonder if I’ll ever see them again… I particularly miss Stella and her antics… We recently added a new kid to the family, named Layla… She’s just adorable, and having her around has just reminded me how much joy and grief a puppy brings, and not necessarily at the same time…

Here she is, under the bed – her favourite spot!

This is her, with a favourite toy…

Anywho, I’ve also recently joined a gym proper – one with classes and machines, towels and showers, and personal trainers! As a present, my mum has given me ten PT sessions, which I have yet to utilize… Will tell more on my ‘gym’ing experience in the next post… Now gotta run, as boss is tipping another load of work over my head!

Thinking of how tired I’ll be at the end of the day – Jasmine.


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