On getting fit…

Let me begin today by asking each and every one of us, and I ask you to do the same for yourself – When was the last time you actually felt healthy?

Not just the ‘cheating’ healthy i.e. I-ate-a-bowl-of-salad-so-I’m-healthy kinda thing, but actually felt fit and energetic and able to fit perfectly in to those perfect skinny jeans?

Personally for me, not in yonks! Been steadily and surely putting on weight over the years. I could easily attribute it to stress, beginning working life, having no time to cook proper meals, eating out more yadda yadda yadda… In all honesty though, I won’t make excuses for myself, I have been pigging out – with regularity and intensity. Not one week goes by without a craving fulfilled – satay sticks in Kajang, sushi rolls in Ikano, donuts at Big Apple, ayam pandan & cheese tandoori & triple-H at Williams, meatballs in Ikea, ayam penyet in Sunway, KFC everywhere, nasi lemak at Jaleel, nasi kandar at PJ, nasi ayam at Pak Adam’s Cafe… the list will go on and on…

I have been, in a way, thinking of how to lose all these unwanted ‘baggage’ for a slimmer and slinkier me… If only to be able to fit into regular-sized clothes. I’m not as big as most would imagine, and usually an XL sized top seems to fit just fine, but lately trying to keep my other half’s attention focused on me has been getting tougher and tougher… So time for a change!

To affect this change, I have recently joined a ‘fitness club’ complete with the frills of such establishments – weight machines and treadmills and yoga classes and dance classes, sauna rooms and steam rooms, towels and free shampoo… the list goes on and on… Apparently, I got a decent deal when signing up with the club… Most tend to say these places are bloodsuckers, and that they just want to suck the money out of you as soon as possible… I’m looking at it from a different perspective, in that I’m paying for a service they are providing… Even if I just walk in to make use of their towels and hot showers.

Going to the gym isn’t as bad as I imagined. Plugged into my trusty iPod, I can pound away the miles in oblivion, without noticing the skinny chick on the next machine flirting with her personal trainer… Oops, did I notice after all then??

Then did I mention the skeleton-ish guy lifting weights that look like they’re double his body weight? Crazy!

And then there’s those fellas who only actually do something when there’s girls around… And the girls who come to see the guys who come to see the girls…

Did I mention the really good-looking Pilates instructor?


I guess we are all, in one way or another, voyeurs… I did tell you I joined the gym to lose weight right? 😛 Maybe my motives too, aren’t so pure…

Waiting for office hours to while away, so we can go people watching together – Jasmine.


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