On the state of our nation…

For a change today, my thoughts will not be turned inwards as it usually is, instead I have chosen to exercise the few neurons I have functioning in this lazy brain of mine, and attempt a semi-serious piece on the state of justice in my ‘beloved’ homeland, Malaysia…

If you’re vaguely Malaysian, you would have of course heard about the whole brouhaha of the V.K. Lingam video, purpotedly about the rigging of the country’s highest judicial establishments, and how these appointees are held in liege by their corporate lords. In this video, our esteemed Lingam is seen talking about the judicial appointments he helped facilitate, and how these people are now indebtured to the patrons of Lingam himself.

Even to one without an inkling of formal legal training, it is granted common knowledge that courts, by their very nature and function, are impartial. Or at least try their very darnest best to be. With appointments of these so-called unbiased and impartial judges held in the hands of whichever person or body, then it is natural to assume that they can no longer remain impartial and impassive to the ‘other’ needs of either party in dispute.

Simply said, judges cannot be biased or politically charged. If they are, then it only makes sense to assume that they are NOT impartial, as they owe their lieges their loyalty. One way or another, there will be a time which their loyalties will be called into question, and the connection utilized to gain a favourable outcome for the interested party.

One of the tenets of democratic governance is the independence of the judiciary, ensuring fair play and justice for all involved. However small the taint, however minor the interference, a judicial system that is no longer independent causes one to think twice about the other tenets of democratic governance. And it is common knowledge that our government is pretty much just a front to democracy.

There is virtually no freedom of speech, religion or political choices. All are dictated by the powers that be. People who WE ourselves chose to elect, and impose these restrictions on us. Examples abound – the Lina Joy madness, the Anwar Ibrahim scandal, and currently, the crazy influence of a certain son-in-law of the highest ‘elected’ official of the country.

We claim to live in a democratic government, which ironically, endorses such morally ambigious practices such as the tender community, the appointment of local council officials, the awarding of contracts to cronies and nepotists and many such other things to members of a certain political orientation. In the process, these privileged few, fortunate enough to be associated with the ‘right’ people, are cheating honest, hardworking rakyat like you and me.

The very same people, entrusted by the rakyat to safeguard our country, are busy as bees, stripping our country of assets, in the quantum of millions and billions. To make things worse, they are doing it legally, with sanction from the powers that be. It makes no sense for me, as a small ‘rakyat’ struggling to own my first home and coping with bills on my limited income, to see these people, some of whom have never worked a day in their lives become rich beyond measure. While the fat cats get astronomically rich, the small people, people like you and me, suffer the brunt of hiking prices, higher fuel and food costs, as the shrinking ringgit that we earn become worth less than it should, due to the moolah hoarding of these people.

We are instead, treated like cattle. Mass media are controlled by the government through their media corporations. If you’re a Muslim in this country, forget about human or civil rights. You are automatically under the jurisdiction of the Syariah courts, which will not judge you fairly and with consideration simply because you’re a woman, or a person who is not as religiously ‘correct’ as they deem you should be. Religion, in my personal and humble opinion, should be between me and God, and no one else. If you’re in the opposition political camp, you shouldn’t even be alive, as your opinions and thoughts are NEVER right, and you can only be right if you’re in the other camp.

I work darn hard, and all I have to show for it is a small stipend left at the end of the month, once all the bills have been cleared and paid up. I’m trying my darnest best to save some money for when I’m old, and live the dream life, that is I suppose the goal of most people my age. Perhaps that is why its called the dream life, because you can only ever dream about it? I put the blame squarely on our government, who don’t give a rat’s ass about the people…

In a twisted turn of events, we are somewhat responsible for the fate that has befallen the rakyat. We did after all, chose to elect these people into office. They say ultimate power corrupts ultimately. Once these so-called leaders were installed in their pedestals, they never want to leave. More than many reasons become their excuse for staying on, and to perpetuate their privileges, the rakyat are trampled as they make their millions and cultivate their tender communities.

I urge you, each and every one of you, cats and dogs and people, to vote! For for a stronger parliament, vote for a change, and for your principles, and for your future. It was us, in the first place that put these idiots in charge. It is ultimately, up to us, as the rakyat to remove them from these lofty places, once they forget their place and their pledge unhonored to the people that put them there…

Hoping that I won’t be ISA-ed for this… as it is, just a humble opinion of one lowly blogger – Jasmine.


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