On our beloved Agong…

Just a few moments ago, Pak Lah by means of printed media, iterated that the rakyat are trying to ‘manipulate’ the Agong into coming into politics by submitting a memorandum demanding clean and fair elections. In the very same article, he gently shoves the Agong by saying that he is “matured enough to make the right decision, and stay out of politics…” *sigh* Where do we begin with this?

When I was in high school, and this was yonks ago, we were taught the supreme commander of the nation is the DYMM Agong, put on the throne on rotational basis of the 9 ruling monarchs of the state, to enable them to oversee the elected government and correct their wrongs. Perhaps as a young and naive young girl, I got it wrong. But my impression at the time was that the Agong had the interest of his subjects in mind, and not the ruling elite. He was put there to ensure checks and balances on the elected government, as the Agong has powers that the Prime Minister does not. Therefore, it is only natural to deduce that the Agong is superior to the PM, right?

From Pak Lah’s statement, he is almost implying that the Agong has got nothing to do with, and will do nothing in politics. Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t the supreme leader whatever, be interested in his subjects that adore him, and don’t forget, the very same who give him his upkeep and privileges? After all, why would we bother to have an Agong, if not to pay attention to the rakyat… right? If we thought it wasn’t worth the investment, we’d all be Communists by now 😛

I hope to dear God, that our avenue for a fair and just government, is not yet closed to us. DYMM Agong Tuanku Mizan, hear the plea of the rakyat, and make things right. After all, from high above, you might not see how the little people suffer. It took the rakyat gargantuan effort, despite of the stumbling blocks placed by the ruling government, for them to air their grievences. Don’t let their fight die in vain, and make the change. After all, the little people need a champion…

Hoping that the guilt of using hard-earned taxpayers money on YOUR indulgences makes you feel as if you DO owe us – Jasmine.


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