On extreme measures…

It was beyond my imagining that such atrocities do occur… For some background information, please click on this link, then come back to finish reading my rant…

How many times have you heard talk about how women are ‘responsible’ for getting raped? For dressing indecently, and thus inciting lust of idiots? Or guilty of walking down a deserted lane? How about ‘guilty’ for getting into a cab alone? Or going into a crowded bus or train and getting groped?

At one point or another, when the whole hoolabaloo and circus of crime rates going up, or suddenly a string of rapes happen, these stories will crop up like mushrooms after the rain… It’s almost saying we are responsible for getting into this mess, so dress decently in a sack, and never get into a vehicle with a man you’re not related to, and NEVER EVER get a boyfriend, because bad girls who don’t listen will get bad things happen to them.

Just like this woman, who cried foul over the punishment her rapist received. On top of the punishment she received. For what you ask? For getting into a vehicle of a man she’s not related to. Did it matter, it might not have been voluntary? Did it matter maybe she was forced to do so? After all, not many women I know would knowingly get into a vehicle if it meant going for a gang-bang. 😛

Food for thought – over 80% of rape perpetrators are known to the victims. Does it matter now, if you ever get into a vehicle with someone who’s other than relation? After all, relatives in my book anyways, definitely fall into the category of people-I-know…

Perhaps men (not all, just the ones without brains) would one day sprout some brain cells, and think before they make rules and regulations that don’t even make sense to a donkey – Jasmine.


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