On ‘Semi-Value’ Samy and Ra’feed’ah Aziz…

Samy Vellu and Rafidah Aziz – they are a Joke to be Kept Malaysia’s Longest Serving Ministers!

One of the wonderful things about Malaysian politics is the incredible tenure one can hang onto a privy gold-paved cabinet position – if you have strong grass-root support from those you control, a loud voice and a voracious thirst for power. Never mind if all of Malaysia thinks you are brazen, foul-mouthed, abrasive or corrupted: so long you have the support of your own party, Pak Lah will not dare touch you!

I can’t remember how long Samy Vellu has been in the cabinet but it is at least more than 25 years. Rafidah Aziz has had a similar run, and they both are probably the most senior cabinet ministers thumping fists in Pak Lah’s cabinet today. As dazzling personalities, they are a sight to behold – rough, tough and mean talking; shoot, then talk and then shoot again. They defy gravity.

They defy gravity time and time again. This is because for as long as I can remember, so much has been written about their alleged corruption – Rafidah Aziz and her APs, Samy Vellu and his leaking roofs. These stories are legendary, even to school children! Yet, nothing touches them. You can literally say they have charmed lives, as if they were cats from a previous life.

Allegations? They simply brush them off like broken arrows on their shoulders.

Investigations? They are carried out in a haphazard and hurried manner and the result is always the same: both will come out clean as a whistle.

Not even Dr. Mahathir’s unremitting insinuations about Rafidah Aziz being corrupt can receive Pak Lah’s ears. As if our PM has given these two ‘alleged’ corrupted ministers a carte blanc license to sit unflinchingly in their cabinet seats forever.

Such is our fate: a PM without a backbone, senior ministers who are believed to be nothing short of robber barons.

Some say corruption is permitted within the cabinet only because there are none out there who are not corrupt. This to me is unfair – even an unjust statement. Surely there must be leaders in our cabinet who are not corrupt.

All they have to do is stand up and be counted.

Waiting impatiently for the day when accountability, regardless of political affiliation and what-nots, is the order of the day – Jasmine.


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