On too much of a good thing…

I’m a little at lost for words right now… I can’t even begin to describe this one… Let me begin by giving you three premises, each in their own right, perfectly and ordinarily something one would advocate…

1. Recycling is a good habit.

2. Using condoms is a good habit.

3. One should be innovative and creative when starting a business, or creating consumer goods. Even better if it promotes environmental health.

OK, now that we’ve gotten that straightened out, you gotta wonder how the Chinese got it SO wrong… For some background info, click here and here.

So, how now brown cow? Something as innocently innocuous as hair bands can now potentially give you, at best an STD or at worst, AIDS! For a bargain-sucker like me, this is indeed a disturbing turn of events. I would always choose the cheaper between the two, when presented with equally compelling buys… I just have to keep in mind that it could be recycled God-knows-what, the next time I’m out shopping.

Now, if the prospect of accidentally ingesting a perfect stranger’s bodily fluids scares the bejesus out of you, keep in mind that these days, el-cheapo products from China flood the market the world over, including our own backyard. The next time you’re thinking about buying those cheap hairbands at the ‘pasar malam’, think twice – you never know where that piece of rubber has been. 😛

Thanking the heavens above for the fact that my hair is now pixie short, and can’t be tied back with recycled condoms – Jasmine.


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