On marching for our rights…

Yet another demonstration, the second in as many weeks for Malaysians living in Kuala Lumpur. Yet another ‘comprehensive’ coverage by Al-Jazeera, CNN and BBC, of our ‘tolerance’ and heavy-handed police presence. Yet another group of disenchanted and disenfranchised people, voicing their anger at being marginalized and capitalized upon…

This time it was the Indians, who claim to have come here in search of the Malayan dream, if there was ever such a thing…

Just to remind the people who claim to run this henhouse of a country, the rakyat are unhappy…

After the call for clean elections, better rights and opportunities for the ethnic Indian minority and what-nots, there WILL be other demonstrations, whether the authorities like it or not. It might or might not matter what the cause is, people will support it, if only to voice their dissatisfaction with the government. Stopping people from coming into the city will only aggravate the situation… Don’t make it any worse than it should be. Keep away those water cannons and tear gas canisters, and save them for the real threats, instead of harmless protesters.

Let us forget that the HINDRAF rally was purpotedly organized by Mahathir’s supporters. Let us forget the fact that they were only fighting for the rights of underpriviliged Indians, while its common knowledge that the underprivileged in this country can be found in every state, regardless of ethnicity. Let us also forget the fact that the organizers were suing the British government for a gazillion bucks…

The argument here is, people must be allowed to express their dissatisfaction or otherwise, regardless of their political or religious bias. The government went to incredulous lengths to stop these gatherings, as long as they’re not being organized by BN. How is that democracy? UMNO Youth were allowed to protest when Condoleezza Rice was here sometime ago…

Why the double standards for BERSIH and HINDRAF? Lets just pray and hope that other ’causes’ in Malaysia get their due demonstrations. It would not matter if it was a ‘Coalition for Cleaner Wet-Markets’ led by old ladies. keep your fingers crossed that the FRU doesn’t drop by with the water trucks, or not the makciks will get a good chemical shower for free!

Keep on demonstrating, fellow Malaysians. Perhaps when the roar of the rakyat is loud enough, the government will wake up and see that we will not stand for this injustice any longer – Jasmine.


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