More on HINDRAF…

I had an interesting read this morning, on The Star Online… Simply put, the powers that be, whoever these people are, claim that HINDRAF is now seeking support from terrorists, and do not rule out violence. Whether the truth has been laid out or not, is a question best saved for another discussion. Just keep in mind, The Star is one of the many media fronts controlled by the authorities. The question for the day then, does the ends justify the means?

It is a question philosophers and great thinkers alike have debated for centuries. Till this day, none a satisfactory answer has been found, and revolutionaries in their own little cocoons will quote the one that suits their purpose best. No exception here…

Perhaps HINDRAF is trying to use shock value, in garnering support for their cause. I hope it is so, as their intentions to date, started innocently enough as trying to uphold the rights of the minority Indians here.

It has, in my personal and unqualified opinion, degenerated into a circus act. First they said, one million for every Indian in Malaysia. Then they said ethnic cleansing is being carried out on them. Now they’re turning to terrorists, and might use violence to achieve their goals… Amazing isn’t it? It’s Auswitzch and Burma, all rolled into one!

Guys, if you’re reading this, the value of shock recedes over time, especially if you try the same trick more than once. Perhaps its time you took a long and hard look, and decide if HINDRAF is really up to the task of improving the lot of Indians here. Don’t turn them into circus freaks paraded for all and sunder to see and jeer at… After all, they’ve had a tough life, and they’re supporting you because they think you CAN make a difference. Don’t lose their faith in you… Moreover, it was their Indian asses getting tear-gassed and showered in chemicals, while you guys try to hand over an official document to a government office on a Sunday afternoon…


Waiting for the day when we finally find ONE decent politician, who really actually has the interests of the rakyat at heart – Jasmine.


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