On growing older, and hopefully wiser…

Short post, for my dear sister…

Happy Birthday darling! You’re finally 18, on the brink of adult life… I wish you all the very best in life, and may your wishes come true, and your dreams become reality…

Looking back in retrospect, here are a few ‘things’ I wished I knew when I was at your age… I do sincerely hope you don’t think of me as nagging you, but rather, take it as a reminder that I love you with all my heart…

– Sex is NEVER safe! There’s always an element of risk, so try to minimize them as much as possible.

– It’s never too early to start saving, whether its money or friends… As much as you humanly can.

– Always appreciate family, and not take them for granted… After all, blood is thicker than water.

– Don’t watch too much tv… There’s a reason why they call it the idiot box.

– You ALWAYS have a choice… ALWAYS…

– You and you alone are responsible for what happens to you… Never lay the blame elsewhere.

– Buy good shoes.

– Always wear sunblock. Don’t wish to be wrinkled and ‘pruney’ at the ripe age of 30!

– You can’t buy happiness, but having money does help.

– There is always a positive outcome. Sometimes you just need to look harder.

– It’s OK if you’re selfish some of the times… Not all of us can be Mother Teresa. It won’t make you a bad person. Really…

– Never ever let anyone tell you that your dreams are rubbish. Always keep your ambitions and aspirations close, you never know when opportunity knocks…

– Visit the dentist regularly. It hurts more if you only go once every decade.

– Read the books your father read. It will make you wiser beyond your years…

– Never underestimate people.

– Never act condenscending. NEVER! The biggest mistake you’ll ever make is insulting someone who might be able to get you out of a pickle sometime in the future.

– Age is not an indication of wisdom. There is seldom a sign of wisdom… A good cow-sense will suffice in the absence of wisdom!

– Lastly, always listen. Those who talk too much always have no substance between their ears, and the skill of listening is not an easy one to master. It is difficult to learn to bite your tongue, I know. But try it, you’d be surprised to see what people are really saying once you really listen…

As usual, I wish you my love, and a good and happy life ahead – Jasmine.


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