On the Emperor’s New Clothes…

For those who aren’t familiar with the title, the Emperor’s New Clothes is a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Anderson, and in it, the silly Emperor is duped into walking through town in his birthday suit, as the royal tailors had swindled him into believing that only a certain number of people who were deserving enough, could see his new clothes. A young boy finally broke the spell, and the Emperor was faced with the truth forced upon him by the most unexpected source.

Not so recently, we are regaled with the story of the opening of a concept boutique at the Pavillion, owned by none other than the current PM’s daughter and another VIP’s daughter. They aptly named it TENC, or The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Now, is this is reference to the aforementioned fairy tale? Or is it just a catchy name and gimmick? I wonder who the Emperor in question could be… And who the becomes the royal swindlers?

More disturbingly, do they now find themselves worthy of being Malaysia’s ‘royalty’? At who’s expense? Don’t forget that the Emperor is higher up in the food chain, more so that the Sultans and Agongs and Ministers…

Doesn’t look like they’re selling lots of clothes – Jasmine.


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